Introducing OneBrain.

Foundational AI for critical industries.

What is OneBrain? It's not an LLM.

OneBrain is Arena's unified product for driving customer success. It's powered by Arena's LXM.

LLMs learn language.

Large Language Models

LLMs (Chat GPT, Bard, Claude) train on words to understand language. Their breakthrough performance stems from new AI architectures purpose-built to make sense of data where sequence and context  are critical to its training.

LXMs learn behavior.

Large "X" Models (OneBrain)

We build LXMs at Arena.  LXMs apply a similar philosophy to LLMs by using sequential and contextual data. We set ourselves apart with LXMs by going beyond natural language. We call our centralized LXM product OneBrain.

Behavior can embody people, place and things. We use LXMs to predict customer behavior as well as hardware behavior.

Where is OneBrain deployed today?

Our roadmap for OneBrain is driven by industry. We select sectors that are critical to humanity where our technology can create step-change impact. We are currently deployed at scale in:

1. Consumer Packaged Goods
2. Advanced manufacturing (Semiconductors)

Active Industries

Partner with us as we deploy OneBrain for customers in these critical domains.

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)

OneBrain is our foundation model for customer behavior. It replaces disparate data science models that are point solutions for price elasticity, propensity to purchase, or marketing effectiveness with one foundation model that understands demand and how to stimulate it.

Our early customers have already seen transformational impact. OneBrain for CPG is deployed throughout thousands of POS (point-of-sales) locations internationally and is driving hundreds of millions in value for our larger clients.

Case Study (coming soon)

Advanced Manufacturing (Semiconductors)

Partnering with our customers, we've created a foundation model for semiconductor manufacturing. This model learns by running millions of testing and tuning operations on leading node chips — and provides valuables insights into what affects chip performance.

Our early customers signed up for OneBrain to reduce time to market and save on semiconductor production costs. Six months later, we reduced time-to-market by 20%, improved chip performance by 10%, and reduced testing costs by 75%.

Case Study (coming soon)
What is OneBrain at its core?

OneBrain in the real-world is more than just an LXM, Arena’s platform has 3 parts: AI Core, Mission Control, and Ethical Guidance.

AI Core

The foundational LXM model drives AI core, and has partnering technologies to make  OneBrain product fully functional and adaptable to customer needs:

  • Large X Model (LXM)
  • External, contextual data platform
  • Low-latency inference engine for "fast-twitch" decision-making.

Mission Control

With mission control, our customers sit in the driver's seat to design and update their campaigns. This allows users to direct OneBrain and understand what it's doing.

Ethical Guidance

For ethical guidance, Arena is building an AI safety layer for every system we deploy. We’re here to build a future that we actually want to live in.

We've called this branch of work "Project Asimov" as a nod to the science fiction writer who introduced the Three Laws of Robotics — a way to explore the interaction between humans and future intelligent machines in his stories.

How do we get started?

Arena employs a forward-deployed philosophy. We kick-off with a pilot (50-100 days), prove value for both parties, and launch a custom product at scale.

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