Jon Miller Schwartz

Forward Deployed Product

Voodoo Manufacturing, Body Labs, Harvey Mudd

Jon is an experienced entrepreneur and product leader who has a history of solving real-world problems with innovative technologies — from robotic factories to human-aware AI.

Most recently, Jon co-founded Voodoo Manufacturing, an advanced manufacturing and robotics company. Over five years, he and his team built two automated 3D printing factories and grew the company to multi-million dollar annual revenue, serving customers including Chrysler, Intel, and Microsoft.

Previously, Jon led Product at Body Labs, helping to design and deploy a “human-aware” AI technology that currently drives some of Amazon’s fashion and health products.

Jon started his career as co-founder and CEO of Layer By Layer, a company he started in college and sold to MakerBot in 2014.Jon holds a B.S. in Engineering from Harvey Mudd College and is a two-time Y Combinator founder.

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