Athina Vandame



UWaterloo, Amazon

With an entrepreneurial and fine arts background, Athina is a full stack software engineer bringing a unique twist to the team.

Prior to Arena, Athina was a full stack engineer at Amazon. She worked on the Amazon Video Content Automation team, aiming to fully automate creation, experimentation and validation of the Prime Video storefront.

She also started her own location-based music discovery platform to help decentralize music and help local artists go viral whilst staying independent. She designed and built the mobile and the web applications. The app was shared on RapTV and DailyRapFacts which helped them gain over 30,000 users in just a couple of months.

Athina studied Computer Science at the University of Waterloo, with a specialization in Business.

You might also know her as the Raptors fan who hung the Kawhi dunk on Giannis at the Louvre.

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