Alicia Ouyang


Data Scientist

STR, Bose, MIT

Alicia found her calling in data science when she attended her Intro to AI class, where one of the professors said that the key difference between humans and animals, humans and machines, is stories. Telling a story and understanding its message is something that unites all of us and can create positive change, and Alicia hopes to use her applied math and theoretical computer science background to contribute.

Previously, Alicia spent two years at STR, where she implemented clustering algorithms, maintained network data API, generated synthetic habitual location data using IOHMMs, and defined performance metrics for simulations. She also led a workshop at WiCyS 2021 in Denver, reviewed papers for FLAIRS-34, and created an ERG. Before that, Alicia was in Bose's Digital Office Rotational Program, where she worked in the Data Governance and Health Data Science teams.

Alicia holds a B.S. in Mathematics with Computer Science from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. During her time there, she also taught at MEET in Jerusalem in their Y3 startup incubator curriculum.

Outside of work, Alicia is passionate about cat rescue (a former foster volunteer for Kitty Connection in Massachusetts), ceramics, and other DIY areas.

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