Machine learning scientist

As a Machine Learning Scientist at Arena, your responsibilities will include developing machine learning systems that leverage uncertainty estimation and active learning approaches like Reinforcement Learning to solve real-world problems faced by our customers. Your work will span the spectrum from quick exploratory/experimental models to scaled, production processes.

Your work may start from simple models, but the ultimate goal is to push the boundaries of what is scientifically and technically possible, and share those advances with community via publication and/or open source.

Basic qualifications:

  • Deep passion for AI and building production machine learning systems
  • Expertise in a probabilistic programming language such as Tensorflow/ Edward/ pytorch/ pyro/ pymc

Preferred qualifications:

  • Experience with serverless/ highly parallelized Machine Learning model training 
  • Experience with multi-observation kalman filters/ state space models and/ or scaled Gaussian processes 
  • Expertise in experimental design and Bayesian uncertainty estimation

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