The Future of B2B
Omni-Channel Commerce

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AI will take you from "one best decision" to "one billion precision decisions"

Broad "one size fits all" Decisions
Slow to adapt to market changes and to broadly applied to drive incremental growth
1 Billion Precision Decisions
Dynamic Store SKU recommendations that adapt to changes  in consumer preferences in real-time

CPG OS enables
Hyper-personalized  Real-time 
Assortment Promotions Decisioning

Alternative Data + AI
Data Augmentation
Industry focused pre-trained models & transfer learning augment sparse datasets
Contextual Data
Use broader contextual & alternative data to deeply understand similarities between locations, products & consumers across time.
Data Stitching
Deep Learning AI enables ‘stitching’ across multi-dimensional datasets learning subtle relationships across all the context.
Active Learning
Real-time learning
Instead of relying on static historical data, our AI models are dynamic and adapt to changing consumer preferences in real-time.
real-world learning
Contextual active learning models can effectively balance exploration and exploitation - updating their understanding of a changing world by actively acquiring information.
learning from actions
Continuously learn & adapt from the actions it takes in the field and the feedbacks provided from retailers.
Our platform enables rapid & continuous learning
Brands, Sales Reps, and Retailers have slow and fractured feedback loops which result in slower learning, actions taken based on stale data & missed commercial opportunities
Arena CPG OS Platform connects Brands, Sales Reps, and Retailers into a tight feedback loop enabling fast & continuous feedback.
Saas Platform Overview
Our platform has 3 main components that integrate with 3rd party tools to drive rapid, continuous learning and hyper-personalized decisions for brands.
Sensors represent the datasets we aggregate, ingest and stitch together to “sense” the real world context and input to our AI models, platform & tools.
Arena’s propensity models powering optimized product assortment:  inventory replenishment, upsell and product substitution at the store X sku level.
We can use various modalities to  push our AI-optimized actions into the field - competing the feedback loop necessary for rapid learning.
Getting Started
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