Scaling autonomous systems to improve life for all

Building the future of applied AI

Arena’s products have helped some of the world’s largest CPG companies transform their sales and supply chains into autonomous, self-learning systems — unlocking massive efficiencies and resulting in a better, more affordable consumer experience.

But autonomous selling is just the beginning. Autonomous systems can tackle much more. They can help supply chains run more efficiently to deliver critical goods and services more affordably, sustainably and equitably to the world; they can help renewable energy providers reduce green premiums and compete more effectively with fossil fuels; and they can help make microchips safer and more abundant by automating painstaking testing and validation processes that hold back the world’s most critical infrastructure.

As a company, we are committed to bringing autonomy to where it is needed most. We welcome you to join us in the Arena.

What it means to be “in the Arena”

Our name is inspired by Theodore Roosevelt’s "Citizenship in a Republic" speech, which pays homage to the "(hu)man in the Arena". To us, entering the Arena means committing oneself fully and accepting the risk of failure in the pursuit of an audacious and worthy cause.

Our Guiding Principles:

Real world > Lab

We focus on solving real world problems, not over-applying theory, and deliver measurable results that move the needle.

Speed > Perfection

We value getting from 0 to 1 fast, and then iterating. We believe that the more we ship, the faster we learn.

Trust > Procedure

We trust you and ask that you trust us. Micro-management and hierarchies are not our way.

Form + Function

We strive to truly understand the user and build products that move them on both a rational and an emotional level.

Pride - Ego

We shed our egos and approach problems from first principles. True competence is quiet and humble.

Our team